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LED Video Walls

    PRICE ON REQUEST – Pixel Pitch 2.5 – 5.5 MM
    Our LED walls look visually stunning in any environment. Night or day, sun or storm. They are durable and easy to maintain and most of all wins the attention of audiences from a miles away.

Product Description


    Video walls come in different shapes and sizes and can be curved too. You can captivate and WIN the attention of your audience and stand out from competitors with our LED retail solutions that have GREAT VISUAL IMPACT. Our window shop LED video walls for stores and businesses have a life span of 100000 hours which is more than 10 years of usage

    Product Details

  • High Brightness
  • Truly Colourful
  • Low Consumption
  • Exquisite Workmanship
  • East to maintain
  • Screen Protection
  • Seamless Splicing Technology
  • Four connection method: USB, Computer Network, 4G and WiFi
    Installation Variety by Design
    The VVR Series LED video walls easily adapt to various designs, including hanging, stacking, wall-mounted, floor-mounted, attached to traditional and customized frame styles. With a wide range of configurations, the VVR Series is ideal for applications including concerts, festivals, conferences, public gatherings, trade shows or exhibitions.
    Designed For Frequent Set-Up and Teardown
    The VVR Series video walls deliver the highest level of display flexibility and set-up ease. To enable single-person installation, the VVR Series features magnetic points that briefly hold the LED cabinet in place while an installer secures the LED cabinet and finalizes cabling. Planar VVR Series cabinets also feature an embedded quick-lock system, making it easy and efficient to secure cabinets together.
    Compact & Reliable Components
    The VVR Series incorporates a rack-mounted video controller that supports resolutions up to 2.3 million pixels and includes control software that delivers a variety of controls and adjustments via a user-friendly interface. The VVR Series uses power and signal cables compatible with industry-standards and features a fast and easy twist-lock latching system. All electronics are contained in single compartment on the back of the cabinet. The electronics compartment is easily removable to quickly access and service all components.
    Visually Stunning In Any Environment
    With high brightness, excellent contrast and a wide colour gamut, the VVR Series delivers exceptional image quality to enhance dynamic applications. It is suitable for high ambient light applications with indoor models offering 1000-nit brightness and outdoor models offering high brightness of 5000-nit. With an IP65 Ingress Protection Rating, the outdoor models of VVR Series feature a dust-tight enclosure to protect the LED display in harsh outdoor conditions.